Backcountry Skiing In The Selkirks

Who better to show you the best backcountry ski tours around Schweitzer Mountain Resort than the backcountry ski guides at Selkirk Powder Company. Operating from their warm and convenient, wi-fi equipped lodge on top of Idaho’s largest ski area, Ken and his licensed ski guides have ridden around every inch of the vast backcountry beyond Schweitzer, as well as most peaks North and South, since 2003.


From our summit lodge we can easily access five major drainages, offering aspects in all four directions. On your guide’s direction, after relating to the group’s experiences, you’ll ski tour into trackless and silent backcountry terrain to enjoy slopes ranging from moderate and open to very steep and peppered with our famous, perfectly-spaced trees. Taking as many runs as the group can stand, we’ll ski runs as long as 2400 vertical feet.


At Selkirk Powder, we begin backcountry ski tours by employing rapid and easy access up Schweitzer’s Great Escape chairlift. This quickly gets the group up to 6400 feet where we visit Selkirk Powder’s lodge to map and print the route of the tour and check the latest snow and weather conditions. For those unfamiliar with backcountry skiing, we’ll go through the finer points of a group backcountry experience including, but not limited to,  a ski safety meeting in which we’ll discuss new snow, wind and temperature trends, assign ski buddies and undertake a beacon check and a simulated search, all before slipping away on tour.


Uphill modes of travel can be on AT or telemark skis and/or split boards equipped with climbing skins or snowshoes

-All tour members must be in good physical condition

-All tour members must be Novice or Advanced skiers and snowboarders

-All tour members must be self-supported with proper clothing and over-snow traveling equipment, food and water sufficient for a long day tour, and  avalanche beacon, probe and shovel

-All tour members should have prior experience using all of their equipment. Not applicable to private tours, on private tours beginners are welcome

-Maximum skier to guide ratio is 6:1

-Tour Day is 8:30am to 3:00pm


Backcountry Skiing Tours

$279.95 per person for experienced groups (minimum 2)

$359.95 per per person for private group (minimum 2)

-includes Schweitzer One Ride Lift Ticket


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