Snowcat Sightseeing Tours


Our customized snowcats make the perfect vehicle for the extended family or small group to take a 2-hour sightseeing snowcat tour* of the scenic Selkirk Mountains. After an exhilarating chairlift ride, sit back and relax in a comfortable, large-windowed 10-passenger cabin while your guide points out the paths of the world’s largest floods and local routes taken by the world’s most prolific cartographer**

The cabin’s interior is trimmed and furnished with padded seats for 10 adults, plenty of storage space and hooks for parkas and knapsacks. With our picnic table and in-the-round seating we are able to cater lunches from gourmet sandwiches, soups and teas to hot, oven-fresh pizza.


Snowcat Tours 2016-2017


Our Season: November 25th, 2016 through April 9th, 2017


$149.00 per person (minimum of 4, up to 10 maximum)

$25.00 per person for catered meals


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*Unless booked as a Private Cat (see Cat Skiing), Sightseeing Tours can only be booked on “Standby” basis

**Did you get them right? Great Lake Missoula flood, and Canadian David Thompson



People loading up on a snowcat sightseeing tour riders enjoying a snowcat sightseeing tour A group poses on mountain top during a snowcat sightseeing tour